The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a single piece of strong, injected anti-shock nylon to carefully protect the electronics on the inside. And it’s waterproof!

While keeping the same LCD design of the previous version, the NeoXs 2 has now three low profile buttons. This helps in keeping the altimeter very thin, and prevents false button presses while installed in the inner pocket of a helmet.
Because of the menu based user interface, programming and using the NeoXs 2 is easy as usual. Even if just 10 mm (0.39”) thick, audible signal is very powerful. Signals volume adjustment is made separately for freefall signals (when louder wind noise is present) and canopy signals (quieter environment) so that sounds are always heard, but at a comfortable level.
The NeoXs 2 provides:

  • Up to 3 separate freefall altitude warning
  • Up to 3 separate canopy altitude warnings
  • A countdown timer

Audible signals are distinct and easily recognizable. The NeoXs 2 also introduces the PRO SWOOP signals, a mode where altitude signals under the open canopy become more frequent the more the skydiver gets closer to the ground, until becoming a flat signal when reaching the lowest swoop altitude set. This will help in following more accurately a flight path to the landing area.
As in the previous version, the NeoXs 2 offers self-calibration (manual reset is allowed), no power-on, and ultra-low power consumption, so it can be powered with a single CR2032 battery, easy to find and inexpensive.
It can also easily programmed on the ground or while climbing to altitude.
Smallest audible on the market, it measures 51 x 39 mm (2.00” x 1.54”) and it’s just 10 mm (0.39”) thick. Weight is 28 g only (1 oz.), battery included!


  • Microprocessor based audible altimeter
  • Wide size LCD
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Real time altitude indicator
  • Altitude range: 0..10.000 meters (0..33,000 ft)
  • Up to three separate freefall altitude warnings
  • Freefall warning altitude set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments
  • First freefall altitude warning goes off at any speed, the others only in freefall
  • Up to three separate canopy altitude warnings
  • Canopy altitude warning set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments
  • Powerful audible signals, distinct and easily recognizable
  • Countdown timer
  • Four customizable user profiles
  • PRO SWOOP signals
  • Self-calibration (manual reset allowed), self-test, no power-on, ultra-low power consumption
  • Easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude
  • Water resistant, single piece, anti-shock case.
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032
  • Size: 51 x 39 x 10 mm (2.00” x 1.54” x 0.39”)


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