DJI Mini 2 360 ° Propeller Guard


Circular Propeller Guard: Fully protects the propellers and improves flight safety.


The 360 ​​° Propeller Guard for DJI Mini 2 fully protects the propellers and improves flight safety. Particularly useful for the less experienced, or in indoor flights or in places with many obstacles. With the para-propellers fitted, the maximum flight time is 18 minutes.

Main features

Fully protects the propellers

Improve flight safety

Suitable for beginners and for indoor flying and places with many obstacles.


To safeguard safety, avoid coming into contact with the drone when it is powered on.

DO NOT use the para-propeller at high altitude (2000m or more) or in windy environments.

Package Contents

Circular wing guards (set) × 1

Technical features

Weight (one side): 23.5 g

Radius: 71 mm

Dimensions after assembly: 318 × 267 × 66 mm


DJI Mini 2


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