Pants PNTxs 02


Our summer pants are tightly taylored with lots elastic elements included around the thigh, knees and inner leg areas.

The pant has been designed and developed to provide a good and fresh suit for those who skydive in the summertime.

This pants provides everything you need, while keeping a simple design and an affordable price. High comfort and customization are granted as for the rest of the BertrandAdrenaline product line.

This is a stock product, with standard sizes, is all made in fast fabric

See this link per the Size Guide Chart.

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The pant is mainly build on:

  • Breathable, medium weight, Cordura (100% taslan stretch)
  • Lycra
  • Elastic (Polyamid, Polyurethane, Elastane and Polyester)
  • Wind repellent, light weight, Taslan  (60% Polyamid, 40% Polyurethane)

Standard features included:

Slim Fit

  • Elastic articulations and back
  • Pocket 3 ( 2 front – 1 zip – )
  • Colors:  black / fuchsia

See this link per the Size Guide Chart.


This is a stock product, with standard sizes, is all made in taslan stretch ( elastic fabric)


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